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Our Recruitment Process has Three Stages:

  • Planning
    • Structure
    • Focus
    • Identity
    • Prepare

  • Implementation
    • Contact
    • Motivate
    • Evaluate

  • Closure
    • Select
    • Offer
    • Candidate Joining

In Planning stage we evaluate the needs and requirements of our Clients to determine the required skill set, organisational behaviour and relationship, identify the required experience & other characteristic which are necessary for a successful candidate. We concentrate on the Job description, Key Result Area (KRA), career implications, location etc.

The initial planning enables us in identifying the need of both client & candidate and helps us in formulation of a strategy to fulfil our client's requirement.

In course of the recruitment process we pre- screen the candidates by careful study of their resume, by conducting telephonic interview to assess the suitability and potentiaity of the candidate to perform to the desired level at Client's organisation.
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